Happy Cupcake Days


We're committed to making acccessories and fun products that are cute, sweet, and miniature treats. Our tasty and light-hearted creations are assembled in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

This cute line of hair accessories, jewelry, and stationery is inspired by the sweets we all love. Customes often smile at our "made you laugh" rings or giggle with excitement when they see our neckalce collection of fun treats and ask how we always keep everything so cute and sweet.

Well, our L.A. studio is where the magic happens. Our day usually begins at 6:00am and we start "baking, frosting, and decorating" almost immediately. Batters and recipes prepared the night before are popped in the ovens, layed out on the skillet, or decorated on the studio counters where they are cooked and finished for morning deliveries.

By breakfast time we're open for business, emailing our fans, sharing hugs and laughter with our local shoppers, and connecting with supporters of fun and happiness.

There is nothing we enjoy more than taking the time to provide good old-fashioned service, and we're proud to say we know many of our online shoppers and local Los Angeles customers by name.

We produce our fabulous offerings according to sweet recipes and quirky ideas. We are members of the independent crafting community and we can't wait to serve you.